Monday, November 4, 2013

Drift Boat Plans For Boat Building Beginners

By Bill Boor

If you love to fish and would like to build a beautiful, sturdy fishing boat suitable for rivers with rapids, then a drift boat may be the right boat for you. A drift boat is basically a modified open-water dory boat, made specifically to use in rivers. It is also known by the names McKenzie dory or Rogue River dory, and these boats are built to be able to withstand river rapids and other river conditions.

Drift boat design relies on a wide and flat bottom, sides that flare outwards, and a pointed stern and rocker that allows the boat to be easy to navigate and turn quickly in water. They are a sturdy boat, ideal for the rough river conditions in the pacific Northwest, although their use of paddles makes them suitable for paddling around in many other locations as well. They are a very versatile boat, well suited for a range of river and lake conditions.

Building your own boat can save considerably on the costs of acquiring a drift boat. You will pay well in excess of $2000 for a basic prebuilt boat (no trailer or extras included), but these boats can be built at home as well with just basic knowledge and good drift boat plans in hand. Building your own boat can be an extremely rewarding experience, and it will save you hundreds of dollars on the price of the vessel. It will, however, take time (probably several months) to build your own boat.

You may initially find it challenging to find a wide selection of drift boat plans online or in bookstores. But remember, these are often classified as a type of dory boats, so you may want to start your search with dory boat plans instead. Because these are a fairly challenging craft for beginners to build, be sure to find plans that are clear and detailed and suitable for those with little boat building experience to use.

Bill Boor is a boat building enthusiast who recommends you find reliable wooden boat plans for dory or drift boats that are detailed and complete, and created by a boat building expert. Plywood boat plans may be the easiest for beginners to use and follow.

Article Source: Drift Boat Plans For Boat Building Beginners